Check Your Husband while you shop!

This clip is really a fun one - with a catchy (and very comical) tune and adorable pink and white outfits, how could you ever resist?

I would like to present to you: Check Your Husband from the musical short, Over the Counter (1932) starring Elenaor Thatcher, Frank Pangborn and Sidney Toler.

This clip cracks me up - the concept of the routine/clip is that the housewives have a place to leave their husband while they shop and spend their man's money... sort of like a coat check. To quote one of the actors, "Why it's big business, Dad! Profits! It's a great idea! All over the store husbands have been keeping their wives from buying the things they want!"

Elanor Thatcher shines in this clip, as the head vocalist for this clip, backed by singing and dancing by MGM chorus girls.

I tried to find some more information on Elanor (her name is also spelled as Eleanor on other websites), but for the most part, IMDB at least only has her listed as ever making an appearance in 3 clips:

* The Road to Ruin (1934) .... Dancer
* Over the Counter (1932) .... Vocalist
* Wild People (1932) .... Singer

Unfortunately it doesn't appear that Elanor really made it into the big time with MGM, which is really a shame. She's so cute here in this clip....

I especially LOVE the outfits in this one: pink and white bellboy hats, tulle puffs of white bows that are so huge they are almost absurd yet ridiculously adorable, white shorts w/ a half skirt around the back... ACK! SO CUTE!

There's not too much else to say about this short film, so instead, I will let it speak for itself.

Here's Check Your Husband from 1932:

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  1. This is hilarious and bizarre! Great find. Can I hang out with the chorus girls if I hate shopping?

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